Veterinary Services

Animal Wellness Center is a privately and locally owned clinic that provides continuity of care with a highly personal team approach to your beloved pet’s health.

We offer high quality preventative health care as well as surgery, critical care and diagnostics for your dogs and cats.

We utilize state of the art surgical monitoring, radiology, dental digital radiography and cleanings, and thorough in-house blood chemistry diagnostics on premises.

Spay and Neutering

Spaying and neutering your cat or dog at the Animal Wellness Center is a safe, personal alternative to the local spay neuter clinics, as we book far fewer procedures on our surgery days.

Our doctors have extensive spay/neuter experience that has developed over the 30+ years both from shelter medicine and from private practice. Your pet receives intensive care, monitoring and attention because of our small surgery load.

AWC partners with local Donors who provide funds for spay and neutering of cats and dogs whose owners cannot afford it.

If you would like to be a Spay and Neuter Donor, please contact us!


Although we have vaccine programs which remain important, they are not the main thrust in the wellness maintenance of cats and dogs. We strongly believe that all pets should be examined at least once a year when they are not ill, as part of their “Wellness Exam.”

If your pet is over six years of age should have blood and urine taken to establish their normal, “well” baseline.

Dental Exams

Depending upon the pet’s needs, dental services with digital dental radiograph are advised and recommended in order to prevent oral infections which can lead to heart and urinary tract issues.

Annual Exams

Special care and attention is paid to the pet’s diet, body weight/score, eye health and dental condition as part of their annual exam. Eyes are examined with the ophthalmoscope, intra-ocular pressures may be taken. The heart and lungs are auscultated; blood pressure may be monitored as well. Food and diet are always discussed. A thorough exam of the ears with an otoscope is done. The teeth and mouth are examined and a recommendation of home dental care is discussed. Our doctors lay their hands on lymph nodes, thyroid and entire body. All vaccinations necessary are given and annual or bi-annual bloodwork is examined.  And you thought we were just petting and loving on your pet!

Geriatric pets are encouraged to be seen every 6 months, as their aging is even more accelerated. Again, it is our wish to aid in good health with prevention, diagnostics and nutrition, in addition to treating illness as it occurs.


The doctors and staff view ourselves as a partner with you in maintaining your pet’s health. Should your dog or cat become ill and require diagnostics or treatment at the specialty referral center, her role becomes an advisor in respect to laying out all options available. In advanced intensive care, that requires a referral: we can then be an intermediary between you and the specialty veterinarians.

We combine the best of highly personalized pet care with the most recent technology updated treatments.

We look forward to seeing your fabulous feline and clever cuddly canine! We are here for two reasons: to support you and care for your beloved pets.

See you soon!