Pet Surgery

Whether your dog or cat is scheduled for an elective procedure or surgery, or needs to be hospitalized because of illness, we understand that you may be concerned about leaving your pet.

We want to assure you that we provide cozy beds, comforting warmth and yummy food. All of us here share your worries and concerns about your pet. We are here for one reason: the care of your pet. We will provide however much love and attention needed in addition to medical care to aid in the comfort of your dog or cat.

> Leaving your Pet for Surgery (pdf download)

We can appreciate that they may be afraid; we do anything we need to do to alleviate anxiety. Kind words, cuddling, sedation, toys all help. Our suites are warm heated composite, not stainless steel. Personal beds and food from home are always encouraged. We want to do all we can to make you and your dog or cat as comfortable as possible.


When your pet is checked in, we will ask you to designate a person to receive information about your pet’s progress. Please ensure that this person is available at all times should we need to get in touch with you. This person can then relay information to the other members of the family. We will obtain a signed consent for treatment. A staff member will complete the necessary paperwork, and obtain a deposit if appropriate, a Doctor will perform a physical exam on your pet.


The pre-anesthetic sedation is given before they are placed in their suite. This will work within minutes to lessen anxiety. After the sedation is doing it’s job, the calm, sedated, unafraid dog or cat will have blood drawn for any pre-procedure blood work, and an IV catheter is placed, in preparation for surgery. The IV fluids will be run through this catheter to provide hydration and a venous accent access for any medications needed.

Post operation

You can expect a post-procedure call from the doctor or technician, usually by mid-afternoon. Please keep in mind that we see several pets for procedures each day, and we want to make sure all our patients get the attention they deserve while here. We also appreciate that owners are worried, and we will call after YOUR pet is recovered to set a discharge time, usually late afternoon.

Most dental and surgical patients are discharged the same day. At that time, a technician will go over any discharge instructions and necessary medications. All instructions are written; all lab work will contain notes and taken home by the owner. All patients are called the following day as a post-procedure courtesy call.

Intensive care

If your dog or cat is here for hospitalization or intensive care (ICU), you will be called with updates at least once daily, and as changes occur in your pet’s condition. Your pet will be medicated and monitored throughout the day by technicians and doctors.

Visiting your pet

We encourage visits from family members during normal hospital hours, but it is necessary to call at least one hour ahead and let us know you are coming. This is so we can make sure your dog or cat isn’t scheduled for any treatments while you are visiting. Your pet will be comforted by friendly faces, but may be overwhelmed by too many visitors at once.

Transferring your pet to another center

In serious cases, your pet may require a transfer to the local 24 hour staffed referral hospital. If this is recommended, you will need to transfer your pet in your vehicle to the critical care center. We will arrange for this transfer and fax all needed tests and treatments needed critical care doctor can meet with you. As soon as your pet’s condition has improved enough to be able to leave the critical care center, we will resume care of your pet at the Animal Wellness Center.

Personal, comforting, individual attention to pets is the only way we know how to care for your hospitalized pet.