Digital Radiography

Animal Wellness Center utilizes state of the art Digital Radiography.

High quality digital images of your pet can be captured, and easily transmitted for a board certified radiologist’s review and rapid diagnosis.


The many benefits to our new Digital Radiography processing unit includes:

  • Imaging results are immediate so evaluation is immediate
  • Able to take and retake multiple views
  • No chemical processing
  • Because the radiographic image is captured by a computer plate, pets receive less exposure to radiation.
  • It’s easier on your pet; shorter time length to stand still
  • Reversable sedation as necessary to reduce stress and facilitate

Additionally, as a veterinarian, we can utilize what the digital world provides us: ability to enlarge the image for more indepth reviews, review multiple versions of the image (eg. before and after) side by side on screen, print additional copies of an image, email images to outside consulting veterinarians or radiologists. The list goes on.

We have been impressed with how streamlined the digital radiography unit provides us – which results in service that’s excellence we can extend to all our clients and furry patients!